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Natura SPA organizes yoga sessions, which are popular on the island, with a different concept every month during the summer season, on its terrace with a unique valley view, with one of the most competent yoga instructors on the island.

Sanskrit, which is considered one of the oldest languages in the world and is one of the forgotten languages because it is not spoken today, is the origin of the word "yoga", which is widely used all over the world. Although it is considered a dead language, it continues to maintain its influence in the modern world. The reason for this lies in the depth of existence of the philosophy of Hinduism.

Yoga, which includes the meanings of "reunion", "coming together", "unity" and "encounter", is not just a practice, it also includes a philosophy that has been going on for centuries. In this sense, concept events started in August with our yogi Naile Soyel, who is an expert in her field and fascinates the people who come to her sessions with her energy.

Kibris Developments

Yoga; It sheds light with its ancient teachings on the practitioner's journey of finding his connection to the inner and spiritual world and the potential within himself.

In the first yoga series, participants were taught Naile Soyel's practices, Kriya purification practices, pranayama, breathing exercises, focus/dharana, flow and pose, and deep relaxation exercises with vinyasa asana and meditation.

In these yoga series, which are suitable for all levels, spirit-raising vibrations, mantras and music accompany the practices.


The way to achieve the new beginnings you aim for is to complete the planned preparations and intention formation processes. It is accompanied by small steps to be aware of what exists, to understand, accept and embrace what exists, and to remember the divine order within the integrity. "Root & Detox", the first of the yoga series, symbolizes the journey of new beginnings to discover the light within you, accompanied by Naile Soyel.
Kibris Developments

Journey to the Doorways of Consciousness

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International Jivamukti Instructor Naile Soyel's second yoga series at Natura Spa will continue throughout September with the theme of "Journey to the Doors of Consciousness", this time it will include breathing and movement clearing techniques, asana sequences to ensure the flow of life energy, focusing on the energetic body, cosmic It is Pratyahara practice, which involves applying cleansing techniques to open subtle channels to consciousness and the intention of listening to the inner self.

This series of practices, which will be based on eliminating doubt and opening to cosmic unity with the inner guide, is accompanied by kriya, kapalabhati -breathing, surya, chandra, nadi-shodhana, savasana and meditation practices.
Kibris Developments

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