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Retro Cypriot doors tell the aesthetic history of old Cyprus...Beautiful and unique, they become the doors of innovation in Kıbrıs Town Houses project. We were on our way to build traditional Cypriot Houses within the framework of this century's living conditions.

From Retro Doors To Innovative Homes.

Social Life

We were on ourway to build traditionalCypriot Houses within the framework of this century's living conditions. Inthis waywe have projected the most beautiful items of traditional Cypriot architecture; arches, pergolas, courtyards, quadrangles, pattern mosaic tiles and beautifulCypriot doors.

Residences and Villas
Walking distance to Gave and Natura SPA & Wellness , Near the beach, restaurants, supermarket, health services and daily necessities , International schools and universities nearby
Starting from.
The Modern Way of Cypriot Living

We were inspired to build traditional Cypriot houses within the framework of this century’s living conditions.We have projected the most beautiful items of traditional Cypriot architecture, arches, pergolas, courtyards, quadrangles, pattern mosaic tiles, rugs and beautiful Cypriot doors.We added peaceful social spaces and sincere neighborhood relations to the formula!

The Modern Way of Cypriot Living
The Modern Way of Cypriot Living
We have located Gave,a coffeehouse that offers a space which reflects the history of the old Cypriot coffeehouses with a contemporary touch,in the village square of Kıbrıs Town Houses. Inspired by the unique Cypriot architecture and values,Kıbrıs Town Houses has enriched Cyprus beyond we have imagined.
We have become the first BREEAM-certified residential project by signing a new policy in North Cyprus without giving up being innovative.We have introduced mOod,an intelligent home system to make daily life easier and add intelligence that contributes greatly to energy saving.
BREEAM Certified Green Project
BREEAM Certified Green Project
Kıbrıs Town Houses has BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method)Certificate, World's foremost environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings.The focus on sustainable value and efficiency makes BREEAM certified developments attractive property investments and generates sustainable environments that enhance the well-being of the people who live and work in them.Whole BREEAM certification process evaluates design, construction, procurement and operation processes based on the building’s performance.
Evaluations are conducted by independent,licensed assessors and rated at ‘Pass’, ‘Good’,‘Very Good’,‘Excellent’ and ‘Outstanding’. As Kıbrıs Developments,we aim to receive the BREEAMVery Good certificate with 58.11% success.This comprehensive process will continue until the end of the construction phase, starting with the design phase forKıbrıs Town Houses. In the projectwhere many different criteria are involved, we aim at approximately 20% energy efficiency and 35% water efficiency.

MoOd- Our Way of Intelligent Homes

Think of a home that really understands you.Ahome that can transform itself by recognizing your needs.Just like a brilliant mechanism working in the background while you enjoy yourlife with yourloved ones...mOod intelligent home system is designed to create everyday scenarios to make yourlife easier.mOod keeps pace with your everyday rhythms and presents different modes,like "Welcome", "Relax","Guest", "Party",and "Sleep".
Your elderly relatives and your children with special needs would need different scenarios.mOod can help you create different flows for each that make theirlife easier. One important detail that provides ground for all is that mOod had been designed with an intelligence that contributes greatly to energy saving
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Kibris Developments is a family-run company building customised living spaces since 1985. We’d love to add your luxury villa to our portfolio!



Kıbrıs Developments projects are located in North West Cyprus - in Alsancak Region.


There are two payment options:

First Plan:

%5 Reservation
%35 Contract Signature
%60 Personal interest-free flexible payment plan until the Key Delivery Date

Second Plan:

Opportunity of up to 10 years with İşbank Credit Programme.


Kıbrıs Developments Team is here for you to find a Dream House. We have a big variety of unit types that can meet your expectations. Once you make a choice in order to finalize the purchase you will need to have your passport with you.


The homes are unfurnished. However, our aftersales services include furniture, white goods and household packages on different price ranges suitable to every budget.


Foreigners who own a property in the TRNC may be granted a 1-year renewable residence permit for the first 3 years and, thereafter 2 years renewable permit provided they have obtained the title deeds (Koçan) registered in their name.

If the immovable property has been purchased by a contract of sale, and the Title Deed (Koçan) has not yet been issued, at least one-third of the sale price must have been paid, and the applicant must have applied for permission from the Council of Ministers to acquire the immovable property (Permission to Purchase).

When you apply for the residency, if you do not have the title deed, you should submit a stamped document from the Taşınmaz Mal Birimi Office in the Interior Ministry which shows the file reference number for your Permission to Purchase Application.


Family Residence Permit


Couples, co-habiting people, and/or family living in the same swelling should apply for a Family Residence Permit. If only one partner's name is listed, the primary income earner or the person whose name is on the Property Title Deeds (Koçan) should take the role of Sponsor for the Application. Only their salary/pension will be evaluated when making the Application.

Other sponsors who could be considered as a sponsor are TRNC citizens, residency permit holders, business permit holders, student residence permit holders, and foreigners who have been legally working in the TRNC for at least a year.


Residence Permit Application Process


A residence permit application must be made using the online Residency Application or Student Residence Permit. Foreigners must apply within 30 days of entering the TRNC or before their visa has expired.

Applications for renewal residence permits must be made by 60 days and by 20 days before the expiry of their current residence permit.


All applicants must submit their Application using the online Residency Permit System, available at Online Residency Tab for detailed information on registering on the system. Please note that before registering on the system, you must obtain a Mukhtar's Letter, as you will be required to upload a copy of this as part of the application process.

Once the initial Application is submitted, the applicant(s) will be advised of their appointment date at their District Police Station.


The applicant must bring all the required documentation to their police appointment; the required documents can be found below at or through the online system. The Immigration Authority of the District Police Directorate will perform an initial evaluation of the documentation at the appointment and inform you if any required documentation is missing. If you fail to submit the correct documents, the police will advise you of the missing documents and allow you to bring them to the police station within a few days of your appointment. If you fail to submit the missing documents, your Application may be canceled, and you will need to leave the country if your legal permission has lapsed.

Once your Application is approved (at the police interview), you should log into the system the next day and check what actions you must undertake. We recommend you log into the system regularly to find out what actions are required to follow the progress of your Application.

If you have requested a 1-year visa, usually, the request to pay your health insurance online appears on the system immediately; however, if you have applied for a 2-year visa, you may find that the system will show that your Application has been sent to immigration for assessment to determine whether a 2 year visa can be granted. As a result, you may need to wait 7-10 days for the approval to be obtained before you are requested to pay for your health insurance online.


Following your police interview you will be asked to pay for your health insurance online. If you are over 60 years of age- you will be asked to pay for your state health insurance (if you do not have an approved private health insurance policy). If you are under 60 years of age you will need to pay for your state health insurance and blood tests online. If you require a 'health check' the system will notify you which clinic you should attend.

Visit the designated clinic for blood & TB tests, return to the clinic after 2 days to check if there is a reaction to your TB skin test.

If your Health Check is approved your Application will be approved to move into the next stage.

Suppose a satisfactory Health Check is not received by the Immigration Department within 30 days from the date of Application. In that case, the applicant will be notified by SMS that the Application has been rejected and you must leave the country within 5 days. People who did not leave the country within 5 days will be considered to have stayed there without permission and will be fined.

In parallel with the Health Insurance/Health Check process, your application documentation will be forwarded to the Immigration Department for further evaluation.


A few weeks later, you will be informed via the Online System whether your Residence Permit has been granted. If you are granted a Residence Permit, you will be prompted to pay for the permit online. You should pay for your permit online, and once the payment has been made, you can download and print the receipt. Once the online payment has been completed, log out of the system and log in again; at this point, your Residence Permit will be available for download and printing.