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As Kıbrıs Developments...

For 38 years, we have been innovators in the North Cyprus real estate industry, developing groundbreaking projects that have set the standard for the region.

As Kıbrıs Developments, we have based our philosophy on creating developments that reflect all the details that will appeal to today's needs, facilitate, and beautify life, based on historical, cultural, traditional and environmental awareness.

Kıbrıs Developments strives to provide a luxurious lifestyle that is not just limited to a residence, but designed with every detail in mind to create added value for the residents and their quality of life.

As Kıbrıs Developments...
Overview of North Cyprus Overview of North Cyprus Overview of North Cyprus Overview of North Cyprus Overview of North Cyprus 
North Cyprus

Perfect Climate

One of the top reasons to consider buying a home in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC) is the pleasant climate in the region.

This island in the Mediterranean boasts a good climate all year round, with over 300 days of sunshine each year and some of the warmest winter temperatures in Europe. The heat in summer is also tempered by the cool Mediterranean winds, providing relief from the scorching sun.

The temperature in summer hovers around 35 degrees Celsius, and the minimum temperature in winter will not fall below 5 degrees Celsius. Owing to its pleasant climate all year round, North Cyprus has become a top tourist destination and an investment hotspot.

The new Mediterranean property hotspot.

North Cyprus

Safety and Low Crime Rate

They say “location” is the most important factor when buying property.

If you buy property in a prime location, you’ll benefit from various amenities, not to forget the increase in property value due to the upcoming developments in the neighborhood.

But what exactly defines a prime location?

One critical factor is the region’s safety and crime rate. The last thing you want is to buy a home where you can’t even walk alone at night for fear of being mugged. But not in North Cyprus!

This island in the Mediterranean has the lowest crime rates in Europe. According to the latest safety data compiled by ValuePenguin, Cyprus ranked fifth among
the one hundred countries that were analysed. Better still, it was ranked the safest place to live and travel among countries with a population of less than 5 million people.

Be part of this beautiful community!

North Cyprus
Kıbrıs Developments

Rich Culture

Cyprus is known for its rich culture.

The diverse palette of cultures is not only due to the country’s traditions but its cuisine, classical music, and festivals that attract all kinds of tourists. The island’s multicultural character welcomes.

Take the Opportunity to Invest in North Cyprus

Kıbrıs Developments

Low Property Prices

Nowhere in the world will you find more affordable housing by the sea than in North Cyprus. While property prices continue to increase across Europe, North Cyprus provides relief for investors, offering quality and affordable housing for all budgets. This island offers properties such as villas, holiday homes, and residences at very competitive rates.

One of the reasons for the low property prices in North Cyprus is the government concessions to support development in the region. And these privileges aren’t only offered to
Cyprus citizens. The state also provides opportunities for foreigners, including numerous tax benefits.

Kıbrıs Developments

Higher Rental Yields

When you buy property in North Cyprus, you can expect high rental yields.

With tourism booming in this Mediterranean region, visitors are increasingly choosing to rent apartments and villas to stay with their families and friends rather than booking hotels.

If you own a studio or an apartment in North Cyprus, you can expect a 7 – 10% rental yield on your investment.

The new Mediterranean property hotspot.

A safe Investment in North Cyprus

Cyprus has been a popular place for real estate investment due to its spectacular coastline, rich history, and pleasant Mediterranean environment. It is a good investment if you want to create rental income from holiday houses and flats.

Cyprus has a lower cost of living than many other European countries, making it an attractive option. The North Cyprus property market is also very stable, and the government provides appealing incentives for investors, such as tax rebates and residency permits.

Offers a wealth of options and opportunities.





£ 199,000

Social Life

Think of a place where the Mediterranean lifestyle meets with sustainable ways of living… and instantly you are surrounded with a wonderful community, sharing stories as well as beautiful spaces, food and a sense of belonging.




Kıbrıs Developments strives to provide a luxurious lifestyle that is not limited to a residence, but designed with details to create added value for the residents’ quality of life.

  • Whilst you sip on your coffee in our office, we’ll guide you through finding your dream living space. Each home is designed in a bespoke service for each client.

  • Our mission is to create modern, safe, practical homes that represent the spirit of island life while always being environmentally friendly. We are constantly in competition with ourselves, with the aim of continuously developing and creating the right structures based on market requirements. We strive to be a company that consistently delivers high-quality buildings and services in a timely and stress-free manner.

  • A company known and respected for its innovation and creativity.

  • A trusted brand that is a strong competitor to its kind, not only on a national level, but also on an international level.

  • A family-run business widely recognized for its top quality service and dynamic team spirit.