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Your story starts in Terra now. Welcome to Your Home.


Near the poolside that is the shared area of Terra, where the sea and mountain breezes could be felt at the same time, the peace of a new life and being together was celebrated.

Carrying the nature, architecture and organic forms of Terra, the first site that shapes our lives in the geography that we exist, to the present time with Terra project, Kıbrıs Developments built a new story from our roots with the earth-bred. It also greeted the new landlords, who will create the rest of this story, with an intimate and warm “Welcome to Your Home” party.
Kibris Developments

Ever since Terra is a project that expresses the earth-bred, it met the new landlords for the first time in the earth tones concept.

The construction of Terra, which started in 2021, has been underway for 18 months, and a video showing the process of making the earthen pomegranate, which symbolizes a fertile and happy life and is an important object in the belief culture, and which is presented to all residents as a gift, was shown and "welcome to your home" was said by the ceramic master.

The team, which is a member of the Kıbrıs Developments family, worked devotedly in each detail of this process, prepared qualified, complete and comfortable living space for the landlords, was introduced to the homeowners who will build their new stories.

While handing over their deeds to the homeowners who chose the freedom and privilege of life in Terra, pomegranates from the soil, as the symbol of the new life, new story and a new beginning, were gifted as a cultural memory of the day.

The brands who made valuable collaboration with Kıbrıs Developments from the beginning to the end of Terra and the process of home delivery was presented with awards that were specially made for them for their contributions and efforts.

Kibris Developments

Coming from our roots.

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Throughout the party, Terra cocktails and mocktails that are prepared specially for the night and the tastes of the Mediterranean cuisine enriched the palates of guests.

Dynamic repertory and stage performance of Kiwi, one of the well-known music brands of the island, provided fun moments throughout the whole party.

Kibris Developments

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