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Luxury Living: Exclusive Property Options in Northern Cyprus
Luxury Living: Exclusive Property Options in Northern Cyprus

Luxury Living: Exclusive Property Options in Northern Cyprus


Any seasoned real estate investor knows that not all property is made the same. Sure, location is a big factor in determining an investment's appeal and ultimate value, but there's no substitute for living spaces that are built with quality in mind. The enjoyability of a home is particularly important when it comes to properties in desirable travel destinations. Regardless of whether they're on the beach or off the beaten path, those who spend their hard-earned money on a vacation home expect an experience that feels the part every day of the year.

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High-End Real Estate Defined

Before going any further, it's worth clarifying - what exactly is high-end real estate? The concept of luxury is certainly subjective to personal experience. Someone who has grown up in a modest home may consider a four-bedroom, three-bathroom house with updated appliances to be high-end. On the other hand, someone who has lived in mansions their entire life may only consider properties with breathtaking views and extravagant amenities to meet their standards.


In the world of real estate, high-end or luxury properties are typically defined as those that are in the top 10% of their respective market. This could mean different things depending on location and property type - for example, a high-end apartment in New York City will have different features and price points compared to a luxury villa in Cyprus.


Some common characteristics of high-end real estate include superior quality construction and design, prime location with desirable views or amenities (such as waterfront properties or homes with private pools), and top-of-the-line appliances and finishes. These properties often also come with a higher price tag, as they are designed to cater to the affluent market.


For both buyers and sellers, high-end real estate can offer unique opportunities in terms of investment potential. For buyers, investing in a luxury property can provide not only a comfortable living space but also the potential for appreciation over time. On the other hand, selling a high-end property can yield substantial profits for sellers if marketed effectively.

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Shining a Light On High-End Real Estate In Northern Cyprus

The Mediterranean country of Cyprus provides the perfect place for prospective real estate investors to turn when in search of a high-yield vacation property.

The island is divided into two regions – the Republic of Cyprus and Northern Cyprus – with each side offering unique investment opportunities.


The southern region, known as the Republic of Cyprus, is a member of the European Union and uses the Euro as its currency. This makes it an attractive option for investors looking to diversify their portfolio within Europe. Northbound lies Northern Cyprus, a smaller and less developed region that uses the Turkish Lira as its currency. Property prices in this region are significantly lower compared to the Republic of Cyprus, yet its views and beaches are equally as stunning.


Developers have progressively flocked to the northern coast in recent years as the area has seen significant growth and development in infrastructure. This includes the addition of modern resorts, luxury hotels, and entertainment facilities to attract tourists from all over the world. With an influx of visitors comes a demand for vacation properties, making it an ideal location for real estate investors.


Northern Cyprus' high-end real estate proves itself a great personal investment, too. Many of the newer luxury properties Northern Cyprus has to its name boast hotel-like features and amenities that are simply too good to share. A warm climate, low cost of living, and welcoming community, further grow the long list of reasons why this is a perfect place for a holiday home.

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Back to the concept of not all real estate being made the same - luxury real estate in Cyprus is very diverse. When buying in the northern region, you'll want to spend plenty of time researching and selecting the right development.


Let us save you some time by recommending MEDITERRA. This latest five-star project in Kibris Developments' extensive portfolio project stands to set the standard of high-end living in Northern Cyprus.


MEDITERRA offers a range of luxurious villas and homes, each designed to reflect the gorgeous Mediterranean landscape and provide residents with the ultimate in comfort and sophistication. A special emphasis has been placed on sustainable building practices and eco-friendly features; natural elements like stone, wood, and light make these residences as responsible as they are inviting.

The Very Best In Luxury Lifestyle Amenities

An investment in MEDITERRA means more than just a holiday home - it means access to world-class amenities and services. This includes a pool, fitness center, and spa, plus the convenience of being only moments away from the beach. Residents can easily walk to the nearby restaurants, shops, and cafes for a taste of local cuisine or to indulge in some retail therapy.



Kibris Developments is excited to progress the completion of this exciting project and bring prospective investors one step closer to the purchase of a lifetime. Learn more about what MEDITERRA can offer you today.


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