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Author :Harper Özbirim


Welcome to the one of the sunniest blogs around, officially inspired by Cyprus!

Being the third largest island in the Mediterranean (after Sicily and Sardinia), we must say that Cyprus has a very sunny personality for more than 300 days of the year. This means that even if it rains, you may encounter a wonderful rainbow along the way.

While there are so many things to share with you about this natural beauty; it may be the best idea to embark on a one-day imaginary journey! Ladies and gentleman! Please fasten your belts and enjoy the flight!

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Rise and shine!

"Good Morning!" Can you feel the energy of the magnificent Beşparmak Mountains, the perfect classic blue color of the Mediterranean or fragrant trees? Waking up early is one of the greatest things to do while a new and brilliant day is waiting for you at the door! But first, how would you like your breakfast? Spoiler warning! Halloumi cheese, Cyprus's special “çakıstes” olives and nor cheese filled pastries will be sharing the leading roles in this delicious movie.

After a strong breakfast,what’s on the menu?

A little walk in nature or a dip in the sea if it’s summer,... whichever you feel like, this beautiful place is always ready to make you feel inspired! Cyprus is always popular with adrenaline sports, and its cycling & hiking trails are great routes where you can recharge your body and enjoy some surprises on the way: Have you ever followed a Queen’s footsteps on a hiking trail which ends in her castle? Well, when you step onto the Hilarion Castle trail, you will understand what we mean.

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Plenty of fresh air and increased energy levels... It’s that time of the day when nobody will say no to a delicious lunch.

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No hurries! A delicious lunch is on the way…

Plenty of fresh air and increased energy levels... It’s that time of the day when nobody will say no to a delicious lunch. Be careful though, the colorful Cypriot cuisine will make you fall in love with itself like it did to the locals before Molehiya, Cypriot potato patties, boiled tarhana soup, magarına bulli (macaroni with halloumi cheese and grilled chicken), pastry filled with spinach… If these dishes of different seasons come together, who knows what wonderful stories they’d tell each other. We promise that you’ll hear the best one ever!

How about some afternoon history lessons?

If you haven’t still read the book “Homo Sapiens” written by Yuval Noah Harari , let us invite you to the traces of our skilled ancestors: The first traces of human life in Cyprus date back to the Old Stone Age. Just think about it - these lands, where Aphrodite was born, have always been the most precious part of the kingdoms and empires and they have been called with 128 different names throughout history. Different stories, hidden in every different corner of the island... All the monasteries, castles, mosques, churches... So much so that while you trace the colorful doors in the narrow streets of Girne harbour, you can come across the ruins of a very old castle. Let’s just take time to enjoy rose flavoured turkish delight by a cup of Cyprus coffee and relax while all the historical information sink in.

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Good evening!

Cyprus evenings are known for welcoming you with finest local delicacies such as sheftali kebab, different Cyprus mezzes and extraordinary wines of the island. The island may turn you into a “Thalassophile”, a person who loves the sea or ocean or an avid birdwatcher; but by the time the sun sets, one thing is for sure: The best part of Cyprus evenings is the warm moments when you are together with your loved ones or just having a conversation with the locals who will make you feel at home…

Kibris Developments

The island may turn you into a “Thalassophile”, a person who loves the sea or ocean or an avid birdwatcher

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Night night!

If we are ready to leave the day behind, who would you like to be the star of the night? There is always room for the nights full of music and dance or a quiet ritual with your loved ones. Do not forget to say good night to the moon winking from the sky before falling asleep after a perfect Day.  Cyprus, like its fertile nature, is always willing to share many different stories at any time of the day... There's a lot to discover in this beautiful land where Aphrodite was born.

Stay tuned for all the stories that are #comingsoon !


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