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Experience the Laidback Island Lifestyle in Cyprus
Experience the Laidback Island Lifestyle in Cyprus

Experience the Laidback Island Lifestyle in Cyprus


Can you imagine living on a sunny Mediterranean island with gorgeous beaches, seaside villages, and a relaxing way of life? Surrounded by sparkling seas, sunny Cyprus has a rich history. After all, it is allegedly the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty.

Today, the island is divided into a northern portion controlled by Turkish Cypriots and a southern portion belonging to Greek Cypriots. Yet despite complex politics, life here maintains a laidback rhythm. Keep reading to learn about the allure of island living. We'll explore the tight-knit communities and tips for finding your perfect island home in Cyprus.

The Allure of Island Living

The laid back vibe and sunny climate make island life in Cyprus quite magical. With endless blue skies and averages of 340 sunny days a year, you'll spend tons of time soaking up the great outdoors. We're talking picture-perfect beaches with waves lapping at the shore, quaint seaside villages dotted with cafés and tavernas, and coastal paths begging to be strolled along.

And with Cyprus being in the EU, you get the best of everything - island living and European living standards like infrastructure and healthcare. Plus, residents enjoy low taxes and affordable cost of living. Paradise and practicality in one sunny package. What's not to love?

Thanks to the stunning clear waters and underwater ecosystems, you'll also find world-class sailing and scuba diving opportunities. The fertile land means fresh, locally-grown produce is bountiful, too. Not to mention both Turkish and Greek influences when it comes to cuisine. Think Mediterranean flavors with a Middle Eastern twist.

Tight-Knit Island Communities

Islanders in Cyprus have a strong sense of community. Neighbors look out for one another. There are frequent get-togethers and community events bringing everyone together. English is widely spoken across the islands, too, as 73% of the population speaks it.

The low crime rate, family-friendly atmosphere, and welcoming locals make settling in a breeze. Before you know it, you'll be on a first-name basis with the owners of all the shops and restaurants in town!

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Finding Your Perfect Island Home

Next, you'll have to find the island home options available in Cyprus. From modern villas to cozy traditional stone cottages, there are dwellings to suit every taste. Properties boast beautiful ocean views and easy access to sandy beaches.

Prime locations to buy or rent include Nicosia, the island's lively capital. Or go to Larnaca, which has historic architecture. Perhaps upscale Limassol is better for you. Finally, locals love laidback Paphos, famed for sea caves and medieval castles.

Whether you want a luxe condo right on the beach or a secluded cottage tucked into the hills, your dream Cyprus home is a genuine possibility.

Tips for Buying or Renting

You may also be wondering whether to buy or rent. Buying is ideal if you plan to live on the islands long-term while renting offers more flexibility if you want a trial period first. Either way, we recommend partnering with a real estate agent. They can show you listings suiting your needs and guide you through title deeds and other paperwork. Lean on their insider know-how!

When viewing potential homes, don't just consider the interior. Check out the neighborhood too. Chat with residents to get a feel for the vibe. Pop into nearby cafés and shops to see if they meet your needs. Are there parks or beaches suitable for family outings? What sports teams and community groups are based nearby? Factoring in the surrounding area ensures your new home suits your lifestyle.

Settling Into the Cyprus Lifestyle

Soak up sunny days spent splashing in the sea, fishing with your neighbors, sailing along the coastline. Savor relaxing evenings with tasty Mediterranean cuisine and good company. The slower pace opens up space for connections - time with family, absorbing rich culture, and strengthening community bonds.

Let us offer guidance on integrating smoothly into this warm island community. Soon, you'll feel a true sense of belonging on the islands!

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Getting to Know the Local Culture

Island time is real in Cyprus! Locals take things slow and focus on meaningful connections rather than chasing status symbols. Popular pastimes include:

  • Meeting friends and family at cafés.

  • Wandering winding village lanes.

  • Enjoying water sports like sailing with groups organized by the sailing club or marina.

The best way to integrate is to ditch the tourist trails and mingle with islanders. Smile as you pass by, chat with shop owners and restaurant staff, and join local clubs that match your hobbies and interests. Before long, you'll feel right at home.

Establishing Your Island Routine

You'll have no problem finding grocery stores, hospitals, schools, tradespeople, and other essential services in Cyprus. High-speed internet means you can continue your career remotely if desired. Branch out from the main tourist hubs to discover where locals dine, exercise, shop, and relax.

Make an effort to support small family-run businesses. Doing so helps the community economically, plus it's a fabulous way to get to know residents. Soon, you'll have a favorite café, market stall, and regular sports team or book club.

Working Remotely from Paradise

Imagine starting your workday with a swim, then logging on with ocean views in the background! Many cafés and co-working spaces across the islands offer fast wifi and desks or private nooks for remote work. Just be sure to balance online time with offline island adventures.

Schedule your workflow around walks on the beach, visits to villagers' fruit stands, or meet-ups with your new local friends.

Requirements for Moving to Cyprus

To relocate to Cyprus long-term, you must obtain the appropriate residence permit. If you plan to work or study, apply for permits suited to those endeavors. Investors who purchase real estate or financial assets worth €300,000 or more can qualify for permanent residence.

This route takes 3-6 months for approval. It allows living and working freely across the Mediterranean islands. Consult an immigration lawyer to select the best pathway so you can soon call Cyprus home.

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Start Your Cypriot Island Adventure

The Cyprus island lifestyle awaits. Take the leap and make these sun-soaked shores your new home. Use the links below to start your real estate search, and then get ready to live life to the fullest!

For over 38 years, Kıbrıs Developments has been pioneering luxurious and innovative real estate projects in North Cyprus. Our communities are thoughtfully designed with lifestyle, culture, and sustainability in mind.

If you're enticed by Cyprus island life, take a look at Kıbrıs Developments' stunning properties. Our team provides a wealth of expertise to help you find your perfect island home. Contact us today to get started.

Kıbrıs Developments

Cyprus: A Paradise All Year Round


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