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Happy Families

Escape Homes

Happy Families of Escape Homes

"A place located right in the middle of the sea and the mountain."

"A place that revives one's best feelings."

"We felt better that we were family here"

"An environment where good people come together"

Milos Park Homes

Happy Families of Milos Park Homes

"It's that place we've been dreaming of for a long time but couldn't find."

"It is impossible to find such a place in Cyprus."

"I've never owned a house this much. I've never felt this way."

"Starting the day by smelling the scent of citrus flowers and waking up to the mountain view behind us."

"We're in the city, but it's like we don't live in the city."

"Everything starts with security. Then it continues with beauty. Living in a site that embodies security and beauty is perhaps a kind of privilege."

Kıbrıs Town Houses

Happy Families of Kıbrıs Town Houses

"Our view is very beautiful. One side is the mountain, the other side is the sea."

"I understand that I am in Cyprus, I see the greenery."

"It was unbelievable for us."

"I couldn't believe that there was such a well-thought-out site in Cyprus, with a garden where a family could live and that met all needs."

"We enjoy spending time on our site as much as we spend time at home."

"Going out to that garden every morning gives us peace."






Kıbrıs Developments — семейная компания, строящая жилые помещения по индивидуальному заказу с 1985 года. Мы будем рады добавить вашу роскошную виллу в наше портфолио!