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With a stellar climate, favorite tax regime, diverse culture, and high rental yields, North Cyprus is the place for foreigners looking to invest overseas. But there’s one catch!

The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC) has long been considered one of Europe’s top investment destinations. citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are entitled to purchase property on this island of the Mediterranean. Buying property in North Cyprus if you’re a foreigner requires a special procedure.

Moreover, if you own property in North Cyprus and are not a full-time resident, a major concern is ensuring the property is well-managed and taken care of in your absence. In other words, you’ll need a property management company to manage your property. Our property management services in North Cyprus are designed to help you precisely.
Kibris Developments
Kıbrıs Developments is an established property management company with over 35 years of experience in the business. Besides having many years of experience in property management, we also possess a wide knowledge of the island. As a leader in the property management domain, we strive to ensure our client’s well-being and satisfaction by providing high-quality property management services, repair and renovations, and pool and gardening maintenance for our local and foreign clients. Providing Utmost Care to Your Property.

Property management has always been the core of our business in North Cyprus. We manage a large pool of properties for many customers from diverse cultures and different circumstances. To accommodate these differences, we offer service packages
designed to suit you and your investment properties.

A vast majority of our clients have been with us for many years, and we’ve made it our goal to provide professional, personalized property management services at an affordable cost.

As part of our due diligence and management process, we acquire an in-depth knowledge of the property we manage and ensure we fully understand the investor’s expectations. Our customized packages provide the perfect solution and assurance that your property is in
good hands.
Kibris Developments

Kıbrıs Developments provides comprehensive, bilingual North Cyprus property management
services. Having been in the business since 1985, we know the process and what it takes to manage the property as if it was our own.

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We Manage Each Property as If It Was Our Own

Whether you’re a foreigner looking to expand your portfolio by investing in North Cyprus or a local investor looking for property management services, Kıbrıs Developments got your back. Our goal is to provide a personal service tailored to your unique needs and one that reflects the industry’s best practices. We achieve this by hiring only the best home care management personnel who regularly carry out maintenance tasks on the property for maximum reliability.

Our Property Management Services

At Kıbrıs developments, we offer fully comprehensive property management services in North Cyprus. Our services are designed to cover everything you may need to keep the property to the highest standards during your absence. Some of these services include:
Kibris Developments
Property Management

Property management is a core element of our business in North Cyprus. We offer different packages depending on your needs and budget. Basically, our property management services include, but are not limited to:

  • Key holding

  • Inspecting the property in and out

  • Paying utility bills

  • Flushing all the toilets and running the shower and tap water to dispel any smell and remove stagnant water from the pipes

  • Fumigation services to control pests

  • Inspecting the roof for leakages

  • Inspecting doors, windows, and gutters for any problems that could result from harsh weather

  • Purifying the air to ensure fresh indoor air circulation

  • Checking the property for any signs of damage, mold build-up, and peeling paint

  • Watering the plants

  • Informing the owner immediately of any issue that may require immediate attention

  • General property preparation before the owner arrives—decluttering, making beds, etc.

Kibris Developments

Property management packages that are detaily designed depending on your needs and budget.

Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance can be a headache for many property owners. If maintenance is not done properly (or at all), the pool can deteriorate to the point of pushing away potential buyers and
even reducing the property’s value. If you’re not a North Cyprus resident or are a resident but unable to maintain the pool for
whatever reason, hiring a property management company can transfer that burden from you.

At Kıbrıs Developments, we provide pool maintenance services as a part of our property management docket. We aim to keep your swimming clean and in an immaculate condition that will wow any potential investor. Our pool maintenance services include the following.

  • Filtering the water

  • Vacuuming the pool’s floor

  • Brushing the sides of the pool

  • Cleaning the pool’s filter

  • Treating the pool to remove algae

  • Adding chlorine to maintain the quality of the water

  • Checking the pool’s chemicals—pH, salt, and chlorine levels

Our effective pool maintenance services help keep the water crystal clear while preventing the proliferation of bacteria and other microorganisms.

Our services aim to ensure your garden is aesthetically pleasing and more productive. Let us Manage Your Property. Managing investment property can be challenging.

3. Garden Maintenance

Just like the interior of your North Cyprus property, your garden also requires regular care and maintenance. Who wouldn’t want a clean, well-groomed garden all year round?

Garden maintenance is essential for a variety of reasons. It not only improves the look of your property but also prevents plant diseases from spreading. Also, if neglected, your garden could become unsafe. Neglected puddles of water could become the breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Waste disposal can also lead to unpleasant smells and bring in viruses and bacteria.

For these reasons, hiring a property management company in North Cyprus to maintain your garden is recommended. Kıbrıs Developments takes the necessary steps to ensure your
garden is well-maintained and cared for. Our garden maintenance services include.

  • Garbage removal

  • Planting

  • Weeding and pruning

  • Hedge trimming

  • Lawn care and mowing

Kibris Developments
Our services aim to ensure your garden is aesthetically pleasing and more productive. Let Kıbrıs Developments Manage Your Property Managing investment property can be challenging, especially if you own properties overseas. However, the process can be easy and streamlined by hiring a reputable and experienced property management company in North Cyprus.

At Kıbrıs Developments, we manage each property as our own. We ensure every aspect of the property—from interior maintenance to gardening and pool maintenance is carried out by the very best in the industry. Contact us today to learn how we can help manage your investment properties.

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